The newest rehabilitation tool in the therapist’s tool belt….

The rage is functional, practical, effective and for some aesthetically pleasing with the many colors that it has to offer!! 

We have all seen it on professional athletes; especially OLYMPIANS, and we have all wondered what that was!

Now it is popular amongst recreational athletes to help achieve their best results in the sport or activity of their choosing. 

“Power Taping utilizes Rocktape as its tape of choice.  Rocktape is an American-developed, Korean-made product consisting of flexible cotton and nylon fibers and acrylic adhesive that provides the support, stimulation, and resiliency necessary for rehabilitation, injury prevention, postural support and performance enhancement”. 

“What makes Power Taping stand out from the crowd is that it has an assessment as well as a treatment methodology – so you have a way of measuring what you are looking at, identifying the dysfunctional movement patterns and a guide on how to tape to assist in correcting these dysfunctional patterns.” 

When do we use Power Taping?  

  • To improve muscle function,
  • To address muscle weakness/activation
  • To decrease muscle tightness
  • To decrease swelling/edema
  • To improve postural issues and
  • To improve recovery and speed loss. 

Power Taping is a 3 step system:

  1. Putting the structure through stretch
  2. Stabilize the injured area
  3. Decompressing the area. 

For example:  A client presents with acute low back pain, with no relief. The client stands up, and the therapist assesses the painful movement pattern. The therapist, guides the client into that movement and applies the tape. One application is 2 strips on either side of the spine and another strip is applied horizontally to decompress the area. The client then stands up straight so the therapist can re-assess. 

I have had a lot of success using the Power-Taping method, with clients returning to ask how is it that tape gives them so much relief.

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